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Matthew and Rebecca | Mackay | Highlights

Who doesn’t love a good surprise!! Wild Bunch Weddings were let in on a big one and boy did this lovely couple have a big one for their family and friends in Mackay Queensland. We had to wait the entire day for Matthew and Rebecca to let the cat out of the bag but let us tell you a bit about their day in the lead up to this amazing surprise.

We arrived at the boys who were all smiles and excitement, with a few beers and laughs they got busy getting ready, shirts, ties and lets not mention the vests that created a conga line of groomsmen as they helped each other do the final touches.  Matthew was full of emotion as he read out his card from Rebecca, even bought a little tear to our eyes ( Although Matthew did say he wasn’t an emotional person hehehe). Matthew we caught you out there. With the final touches done it was time for us to head over to the girls.

Lots of emotions at the girls as well, their beautiful home was the center of activity, with Rebecca’s lovely hair dresser Christine Moohin from Hair Way and Make up artist Lauren from Blush it, they were all looking amazing. With some exchanges of gifts and yes some more tears it was time for the girls to step into their stunning dresses, Rebecca’s dress was from Wedding gowns by Melinda and what a stunning sight! It was time for that special moment in any girls wedding day, for her dad to see her for the first time.  Wow get the tissues ready, we weren’t prepared and a few wet things even fell from our eyes, what a special moment to capture and add to their growing list of memories Wild Bunch Weddings were already creating for them.

With the eyes dried it was time for us to head to Rebecca’s family cane farm for a beautiful ceremony decorated with little trinkets hired from Borrow my Bits and stunning flowers and pieces by Floriffic Flowers. With the ranges in the background and a foreground of cane fields Rebecca walked down the isle towards Matthew in the arms of her proud dad.  With family and friends looking on Matthew and Rebecca said their vows and sealed their marriage with a kiss.

With their amazing photographer Melissa Cooney Photography we set off on some amazing locations to create more memories for these newlyweds.  From old silos, to traipsing into creeks, a couple of mishaps (Matthew our lips are sealed hehehe) and pretty yellow flowers, some really special moments shared. It was soon time to head to their Reception at Paxtons Markets.

As we walked into their reception there was a real WOW factor, pieces hired from Borrow my Bits and stunning flowers and vines by Floriffic Flowers were just one of the jaw popping factors of this stunning set up.  With lots of help from family and friends, and Rebecca’s amazing eye for detail this was a reception that I’m sure will have family and friends talking for quite a while.  Complete with fishing straight into the river, an amazing biscuit spread and a their DJ Lambster it was time for the big surprise.  You will just have to watch their video to see what it was.

Rebecca and Matthew, thank you again for hiring Wild Bunch Weddings to film your special day and your special surprise. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness and cant wait to see the new little edition to your family! Congratulations again.


Wild Bunch Weddings

Videographer: Wild Bunch Weddings
Photographer: Melissa Cooney Photography
Hair: Christine Moohin – Hair Way
Makeup: Blush it
Cake: JoJo’s Bake house
Decorator hire: Borrow my bits
Florist: Floriffic Flowers
Venue: Paxtons Warehouse
Dress Maker: Wedding gowns by Melinda
Ceremony location: Family Farm
DJ: DJ Lambster

Caterer: Sweet spot bake shop

Invitations: Infinite Eleven Designs