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Wild Bunch Weddings – Voted best in Australia

We let our work and testimonials do the talking, but it is great to see we’ve been voted into the top ten wedding videographers in Australia by highly respected The Knot. Only 2 of the companies are in Qld. As wedding videographers we offer our wedding video services on The Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Maleny, Montville, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Rainbow Beach and The Whitsunday’s.

See The Knot Article here.

Thanks to everyone!


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Tahlia and Steven – Rainbow Beach Wedding

Tahlia’s feedback:
“Thanks very much for the video it is absolutely perfect , better than I could have imagined. Jay did an amazing job of capturing our special day.”

We love filming weddings videos in Rainbow Beach, Carlo’s sand blow, beautiful views and an epic opportunity to capture the sunset. We knew Steven and Tahlia were a lovely couple from the first moment we spoke about wedding videography in Rainbow Beach.

Jay is one of our talented wedding videographers, she has a great ability to bring the best out in people and capture some great candid and relaxed moments.

Anyway, we’ll let the video do the talking.

Tahlia and Steven Wedding – Rainbow Beach from Wild Bunch Weddings on Vimeo.

From Canada to Noosa for a Wedding

Sal & Joe contacted us from Canada to arrange some wedding videography in Noosa. After working out the time difference we lined up a few phone and Skype calls to make sure that there wedding video would capture everything they wanted and be edited in one of the styles they liked best.

What a lovely couple and we’ve included some of the vows at the beginning as they were pretty special.

The venue for the wedding ceremony was at the Ikatan Spa, tucked away in a tropical Balinese setting between Noosa and Eumundi. The reception was the fun Berardo’s on the Beach. A great place right on Noosa Main beach. What a great day for a Sunshine Coast Wedding video!


Sal & Joe from Wild Bunch Weddings on Vimeo.

Byron Bay Wedding Video – Alysha & Cam

This good looking couple I have met a few times and was really looking forward to filming. I’ve worked with the very talented Ryder (Ryder Evans Photography) a few times this year and as well the fantastic Carly from CL Weddings & Events who took care of the wedding planning and styling.

Byron Bay weddings are always magical and the great weather and stunning hinterland wedding venue were looking great. We managed to find a macadamia nut grove nearby where the light was filtering through the leaves and looks great.

Congratulations Alysha and Cam!


Alysha’s react when they received the video:

“Best Sunday morning ever! Feels like Christmas morning as a kid ;)”


Alysha & Cam Byron Bay Hinterland Wedding Video from Wild Bunch Weddings on Vimeo.

A Wedding Video article- advice!


Heidi and Kris' wedding in Noosa HEads on the beach

Heidi and Kris’ wedding in Noosa Heads on the beach


A while ago I was asked to write an article for the magazine Sunshine Coast Brides offering some advice and tips on selecting a wedding videographer. Hopefully it provided some good advice for prospective couples, so i thought i’d put a copy on our blog too.

Wedding Cinematography by Sam Robinson

I love wedding videos, in fact I would even go as far as calling them wedding films, movies or the very grandiose, cinematography. However for the moment I’ll stick with videos.

Very few times in life are we presented with a day where 2 families and groups of friends, put on their best clothes and behaviour (at least until the reception), to celebrate the chance meeting of a couple who cannot spend their lives apart. Camera…action: drama, tears, comedy, a ticking countdown. Is it any wonder Hollywood films feature so many weddings?

“People used to think that wedding videos are reels of long cheesy, footage when, actually marriages are fantastically dramatic occasions with the opportunity to film some stunning imagery”, explains the Wild Bunch Weddings cameraman.
With a tense build up, the fraught logistics of getting to the ceremony on time, and the inevitable drama of losing the mother of the bride at least once during the day, weddings can produce fantastic footage.
This alone is a great reason to book a professional Wedding Video service, to capture the events with a steady hand, a keen eye for detail and, some great audio equipment to hear the softly spoken vows and raucous cheers for the speeches, and also, enough wedding experience to be able to tell the story.

Wedding video technology has turned a corner in the last few years. When I started out as an intern at the BBC back in 2000, one of the cameramen told me he had re-mortgaged his house to buy his $70,000 camera.
These days it’s still an expensive process to set yourself up with all the kit, but nowhere near as much.

Also we’ve seen the advent of the Digital SLR camera (single lens reflex or DSLR’s)*, these are professional photographic stills cameras that can shoot video. A discussion about this technology will start most cameramen foaming at the mouth with excitement.
I can empty a room in less than 2 minutes with my techno geekery talk, however suffice it to say these have revolutionised wedding video production. Interchangeable lenses allows us to capture dramatic wide shots, portrait shots with blurred backgrounds and amazingly, the ability to shoot in low light , essential for capturing the speeches and ‘Dirty Dancing’ moments, without lots of bright artificial lighting.

They do have their shortcomings as they are primarily designed for taking still pictures, which is why at the time of writing this article I think a professional video camera is still a ‘must have’ bit of kit for shooting any wedding. Essentially a Wedding is shot ‘on the fly’ as a documentary, but with a film-like end product and SLR’s have still not quite bridged that gap alone.

It’s not simply the equipment used to capture the footage thay has changed, but also the means of editing and distributing it: Blu-ray; DVD, wirelessy, hard drives and the internet now allows us upload HD quality footage to You Tube, Vimeo and other video websites.
This means you no longer have to duplicate hundreds of discs, you can simply email a link around to all you friends and family even if they’re in Outer Mongolia.

So what does all this information mean for someone who is thinking about having there wedding filmed?

Well, first of all it means a lot more talented people have access to creating video, this is why You Tube is now the second biggest search engine in the world, and also why’ we’ve seen ‘art-house’ and low budget films going mainstream. But it also makes it all the more important to ask a few questions before contracting the services of a Wedding Production team. Have a good look at a few clips of their work, not just the one ‘best-bits’ clip. Check they have wireless microphones,  fluid head tripods or steady cams.

Pick a style. There are a few styles out there now. I find the combination of candid, mixed with a few directed shots works well. When I say ‘directed’ it shouldn’t look too staged in the end film, it’s just a cameraman might move you into a place where the light works really well and then ask you to kiss, or jump or walk out of shot.

Let them know about the venue: is it a small church; a windy beach; a rainy field or a dark room. Most professional cameramen should have the equipment to deal with a variety of conditions but they may not carry it with them all the time, the more information you can give them about your day, the better.

Details. Weddings are big events and sometimes the intricate details of a flower arrangement, some beautiful décor, or special necklace can go unnoticed. Many of these small details will be picked up by a good wedding video company, but let them know if there is anything that holds particular importance to you.

A highlights clip, beautifully put together to a great song can be very emotional. Having a mix of a voice and music can work really well in telling your story too. In some wedding mini films or highlights, we hear the vows and a speech over footage of the bride and groom getting ready or during their photo-shoot.
Some wedding video companies offer the option to film you prior to the wedding to hear your ‘love story’. Part of the footage or audio from this can be used in the final edit. Alternatively you can ‘trash your dress’ after the wedding and get really creative.

Guest comments can be fun. Ask the person filming to grab a few brief comments from guests. Some words of advice? Where do they see the couple in 10 years time? Thoughts on the day? Which team will the future kids support?

A highlights clip or ‘mini-film’ is a fantastic compliment to your full-length wedding edit. Let me be honest, I don’t enjoy sitting through my friends full length wedding films, however I have quite happily watched a 5 to 15 minute long highlights clip several times. They’re amazing. I even watch other peoples wedding highlight clips that I’ve never met. As I said, I really do love wedding videos.

Don’t leave Wedding Video until last. Book early. Good Wedding video companies are popular and have availability snapped up fast.

Photography and a Video? Wedding photography takes a split second in time, which has it’s own beauty and story. Video compliments that story and then adds audio, shows the incredible changing emotions as a bride walks down the isle towards her husband to be, shows the tears being wiped away and hears the quiet hush of family and friends as the vows are spoken.

It’s an amazing day and deserves to be re-lived. Enjoy!

*This was written in late 2011, since then we have moved from DSLR’s as our main cameras to some really quite special cameras made by Canon called the C300′s and C100′s. Basically What the DSLR’s lacked for video needs have been added to these beautiful video cameras.

Byron Bay Wedding Video promotion

We love filming weddings in Byron Bay, something about the light on the beach and in the hills is really special. A great location is the Byron Beach Cafe, really relaxed dining on the beach, the epitome of the beach wedding vibe.

We worked with them recently to create a little promo clip… hope you enjoy!

Byron Beach Cafe Weddings – Marc and Tegan from Wild Bunch Weddings on Vimeo.

Brisbane Wedding Video- Kathryn & Steve

Over the last few years we’ve been filming more and more wedding videos in Brisbane and it really is a fantastic place for weddings. The urban settings, the great venues and so many green spaces to go for a photo-shoot too.

Kathryn and Steve were a lot of fun. The girls were getting ready at the Brisbane Sofitel, the Hair and makeup was done by Lila Boheme in their lovely studio. The venue of the ceremony and reception was at the awesome Bleeding Heart gallery. The ladies form Milque photography were great to work with again!

One of the funniest garter dances I’ve seen in a along time! For the full Highlights clip visit our vimeo page:

Kathryn had some great feedback:

Steve and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being there to capture our wedding day on film. We absolutely loved the highlights video, it is a perfect reminder to our day and it looks so amazing! We could not stop watching it (and still can’t!).
Everyone who has seen it has complimented on how beautiful and professional our wedding video looks. It is like our on personal film clip, and by incorporating the music from our day so seamlessly, it made it even more special to us.
We could go on about how wonderful and professional you are, but we think your work speaks for itself.
Thank you again for making our wedding such a lovely, special and memorable day.
Yours Sincerely,
Kat & Steve Tauzowski

Byron Bay & Bangalow Wedding Video

Byron Bay and Bangalow offer such amazing backdrops to film weddings. The Mackney Farm has the most incredible fig tree and location for a wedding, so we felt especially lucky to have the opportunity to film Leanne and Sam Wedding where Leanne grew up.

There was lots of music, sunshine and laughs all day. It really felt fantastic. We went to a nearby farm where we could have a good view of the Cape Byron lighthouse and make the most of the sunset.

Enjoy this Byron Bay and Bangalow Wedding clip:


Wild Bunch Wedding Video School- top tips

basic for shooting a wedding mini clip


We’ve started up the Wild Bunch wedding video school again. After few courses for photographer friends we went official and ran our first couple of courses in Sydney and Brisbane this year. We’ve had great feedback and it seems to be a skill a lot of wedding photographers want to incorporate into their wedding services.
Why would we run a wedding video school you may ask? The reality is that video and photography are very different and if couples want a full wedding film then videographers are needed. But many of the basic principles cross over and there is no reason that a mini film cannot be created to music by a photographer. It’s not that hard with a few simple techniques.

We offer half day courses which will equip you with the essential filming techniques and our, pocket guide and info pack as a reference. There are a few other courses which go more in depth covering more filming, audio recording and editing also. So if you are interested in our DSLR mini film course or an introduction to wedding video shooting and editing, then register your interest with us on our website.

In the meantime we will be posting some useful tips and tools to for anyone interested in getting into filming. Our first one is here about some essential free bits of software for photographers and film makers alike:

I find these days that most of us do more than one thing. That is, as creatives we have to be multi-hyphenates: we write, we direct, we shoot, we edit, we blog, we launch web sites… and with few exceptions, most of these creative pursuits are aided by software. While I’m usually working in Adobe or Apple’s pro applications, there are always some free applications in the toolkit as well. So I thought I’d share some free cross-platform applications that I’ve found handy, in case any of them are new to you. Here are several free programs useful for creatives:

If you’re ripping a DVD these days, I doubt you’re outputting to a blank DVD — instead, you’re probably exporting to a file on your laptop, Apple TV, media server, or mobile device. Handbrake is your best bet for converting an old-fashioned disc into a high-quality (legal or illegal… ) copy. Also cross-platform (Mac, Windows, etc).

VLC Player
VLC is free video player. You know how sometimes if you try to open a video in Windows Media Player or Quicktime it won’t play? VLC handles many more formats than either of those default video players. As they say on the VLC site, “it plays everything!” Works pretty well on underpowered computers, as well. Free on all OSes.

GarageBand ships with every new Mac and is great for recording music. But if you’d like a simpler way to record audio for, say, a podcast or interview, Audacity is a free (and lighter) alternative. It records live audio from any source, imports and exports a variety of formats, and allows you to apply a variety of filters and edit multitrack audio. It’s cross-platform software that is available for Mac, PC and Linux.

MPEG Streamclip
Now that Quicktime Pro has gone the way of the dodo, Apple’s own native video application has gotten a bit over-simplified in its video-conversion abilities. MPEG Streamclip steps in as a great free transcoding app. It’s a great option for batch-conversion of files as well (as I mention in the DSLR Guide). Mac and Windows.

If you have your own website you’re probably transferring files to and from the site using an FTP program. Cyberduck is an often-updated, free Mac FTP app.

That’ll do it for now – hope you found some of those useful. If there are other good free programs that you use to create, let me know and I’ll add them to the list. These were just some free apps to get started, but going forward we’re going to broaden our horizons considerably…

Will and Marnie- A Spring Wedding

It’s been great weather over the spring period and we’ve been in full swing doing what we love best! This 1 cameraman wedding looks great, the light was spectacular. Many thanks to AKA Weddings who were awesome! I’ve since seen their pics and stunning albums we were very impressed!

Many more films to come over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.